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Heavenly Suprise ~The Life of a Highschool Boy
While being the friendly creeper I am, I was looking around on CIRNO’s Youtube page to find that she and her friends are designing a visual novel, called Heavenly Suprise ~The Life of a Highschool Boy, or 天国の驚き ~男子高校生の命~.
CIRNOHere’s CIRNO’s description, which can also be found here, if you want to watch her video for more information. Most of it is just singing, though, which is what happens when you don’t sleep for a full-fledged 28 hours.

Me and a couple of friends are getting together to make a visual novel. :3 I am writing, directing and etc. My friend, Nick, is coding. And his friend Victorica is the art. It’s called Tengoku no Odoroki ~Danshi Koukousei no Inochi~ In other words, Heavenly Suprise ~The Life of a Highschool Boy~ It’s shortened too Tengoki, though~!
It’ll be free to play as a trial, and then it’ll cost 3 USD (maybe, we might lower or higher it).
The story is a secret, but it is based on highschool. Lotsa drama but lotsa fun! Unique, complex characters too!

She also mentions that they’re looking for voice acting assistance, so if you’re up for it, send CIRNO a message via Skype at skypetty98c. Anyway, if you’re willing to spend a few dollars on this nifty visual novel, open up your Hello Kitty wallets and keep an eye out for updates of Tengoki. Or, yknow, if you’re stingy like me, anticipate the free trial version. Jerks.

Image used in the banner is by Kuma (read: not me).

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