20+ Free TWEWY Icons

The World Ends With You icon dumpBecause I care (about TWEWY, at least), here are over twenty icons for The World Ends With You, so you’ll never be on a forum, website, or chat room without a snazzy avatar of your favorite game ever. Right? The World Ends With You. Your favorite game. Ever. No exceptions.

Here’s the deal, kiddos! These icons are totally yours to use! Just remember:

  1. No hotlinking! (Meaning, don’t link to the image url from your profile. Save it and upload it!)
  2. No credit is necessary. (Just don’t go romping about claiming them as your own.)
  3. All the art belongs to Square Enix, namely Gen Kobayashi and Tetsuya Nomura. My work is fiddling in Photoshop and producing lovely icons out of it!

100 x 100

Neku Sakuraba avatar Joshua Kiryu AvatarShiki Misaki AvatarKonishi Mitsuki avatarDaisoukenojo Bito avatar
Neku Sakuraba avatarBeat Rhyme Bito avatarSanae Hanekoma avatarUzuki Yashiro avatarSho Minamimoto avatar

150 x 150

Konishi Mitsuki avatarJoshua Kiryu avatarTWEWY cast avatar

50 x 50

Mr. Mew iconShiki Misaki iconBeat iconNeku Sakuraba iconRhyme Bito iconJoshua Kiryu iconKoki Kariya iconKitaniji Megumi iconHigashizawa Yodai icon

Hungry for more?
TWEWY Icons by oathkeeper

The art in the banner is by the lovely art people at Square Enix. (i.e. not me.)
The TWEWY images I used can all be found here. Thanks, Jocelyn~!

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