My Doll, a Grimdark TF2 Fanfiction!

I will be the first to admit it that I sort of have an unsavory obsession with Medic from Team Fortress 2. I mean, I’m the kind of person to take one look at an ordinary wallpaper of Medic and his doves and think, “Wow, his hands aren’t the only thing that’s oversized!” (hint: I’m not talking about his medigun. second hint: it’s on the bottom half of the screen. third hint: you shouldn’t be paying attention to it. super hint: cannot unsee.

Consequently, a while ago I decided to sit down and write a story about Medic and a boring original character and their romantic (romance writing, of course, is my form of sublimation) exploits. Sorta. A lot of my fanfiction writing (and writing in general) tends to not take itself very seriously. So this was also an experiment to see if I could write an actual serious story that included zero comedy and revolved around darker themes, like murder! And uh… murder! As a result, it’s a little experimental and a lot grimdark.

Here’s a quick summary to get you started: Dahlia Dolor has joined the RED team. Her special skill? Trap-setting, as a tenth class, Huntress. And while most of the team gives her the cold shoulder, Medic becomes her close comrade, and the two work together to conduct some grisly research. But lately he’s been neglecting human contact for his work. Dahlia tries to investigate the issue, and suddenly RED Spy confronts her telling her she’s in grave danger. Dahlia’s shipped off to a new base, Medic is desperate to get her back, and one after another strange tragedies begin to befall the new base. Can she return to her home base to escape the chaos around her? What will she discover when she does?

The story is a mystery/horror/suspense fic in eighteen bite-sized chapters.

Check out some reviews for it here!
Read “My Doll” here!

Edit: Somebody and his dog did a reading of the first chapter. I don’t know why. But I was very amused.


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