Pinkie Pie Auditions!

Hello all! It’s time for a really quick post! Recently there’s been an explosion of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic open auditions available on the internets, among them those for General Ivan’s Pony Dubs and Mane 6’s Fighting is Magic, and because I am not one of the many members of the brony community who would well like to participate but cannot in a serious attempt due to their gender (SUCKERS!!!), I spent the duration of this afternoon recording me as Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Princess Luna! Check them out!

Just kidding I lied. You can only hear Pinkie Pie as of right now due to the fact that the other ones done for Ivan’s dub had to be shipped off in a zipped folder via email (i.e. not disclosed via the internet). What is this, professionalism?

In the meantime, check out my renderings of Pinkie Pie. The below video is for LadyHikari’s Cupcakes animated project, for which she needs voice actresses and a crew at present. Of course, this Sunday marks the fifth week my dreaded bronchitis-like cough has been going on, so in between takes in my room I was sort of spitting up hairballs. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy it:

And here’s the set of sounds and quotes I did for Mane 6’s project available via Soundcloud:

If you’re interested, feel free to join any one of the projects:

– Ragtime

16 thoughts on “Pinkie Pie Auditions!

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  2. watched sleepless in ponyville swear that Jeff the killer is after apple bloom and well me too bros and please comment!!!!! 0_0

  3. Hey! I’m really impressed with your Pinkie Pie and Rarity! My friends and I are starting a fan-made show, and we’d love to have you! If you’re interested please email me at or add me on skype (iDoLikeWaffles). From there, we can have you try out and what not. Thanks so much for your time!

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