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How to Write a Song in a Minute – Part 1

I’m often asked by friends, in that same sort of “can you teach me how to draw?” way I’m sure every artist is familiar with, things like “omg! How do you like write music?” They insist that they could never possibly do such an insanely cool thing as composing, which, as someone in whose life … Continue reading

Pinkie Pie Auditions!

Hello all! It’s time for a really quick post! Recently there’s been an explosion of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic open auditions available on the internets, among them those for General Ivan’s Pony Dubs and Mane 6’s Fighting is Magic, and because I am not one of the many members of the brony community … Continue reading

Write Chip-tune Music | Medic’s 8-bit Theme

Write Chip-tune Music | Medic’s 8-bit Theme

Sitting the other day (read: weeks ago) in Driver’s Ed, and thinking about how uNrEaSoNaBlY dUlL it is (I really need a graphing calculator to learn how to drive? Really?), I randomly wondered what an 8bit version of the Team Fortress 2 Medic’s theme would sound like. A few weeks later, I finally managed to … Continue reading