here’s me, somewhere

Dream Vs. Dream, art by KipperSnackBorder of Fantasy buttontwewy fandub button

Of course I’m always keeping up with my own little shenanigans. I’m also in and out of a handful ofMy Little Pony: Friendship is Magicvoice dubs as members of the Mane 6, and will hop on board with yours if you ask me to! … If I like you.

bios are hard

Hi, I’m Ragtime, and I do stuff in stuff. Usually that ends up being my mantra for bios like this, since there’s not really a phrase that describes me in a nutshell. There aren’t for most people.

You’re reading this because I decided to create a blog to keep up with my thoughts, since I tend to meta-analyze everything and can’t turn my thinking off, so things happen. I’m an artsy kid, I’m a nerd, I have a bad stomach, I love theatre, I am musical, whatever. I can’t really draw but I try because the dream’s out there. Maybe.

I also tend to worship fictional characters. Mmmm. Izaya Orihara. Mmmmm.

you can email me at missragtime@gmail.com 


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